FRC 2018 Build Day 10

Our decision to CAD the entire robot is slowing down manufacturing … but in a good way.  The hope is that our chassis won’t turn into swiss cheese and modules will be designed to function correctly and be modular (well, yeah?).  Walter has finished the intake for the power cubes, Chaski say’s that the chassis is almost done – working on attaching gear boxes and electrical so that both components will be serviceable.  Nick is working on the arm.  We still need to task someone with bumpers and battery holder.  There is also the business with the climber, but we are getting there.

Programming seems to be going well enough.  Peter has the team mostly caught up on the existing code base and has been working with Jake on encoders.  John and Eric have been tasked with Neopixel lights and Arduino code using the FastLED library.  Seeing a bunch of flashing lights and my paranoia keeps thinking it’s the fire department… BTW, static is not good for those lights.  Suddenly, with no major changes to the code, the lights stopped working.  Turned out to be the first LED.  Bit o’ solder later and good as new.


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