FRC 2018 Build Day 8

CAD, CAD, and more CAD.  Oh, and lights, sort of?

Today, Trey increased the length of the shafts and added shaft collars to the chassis. Then i fixed the size of the spacers on the gearbox of the drivetrain. After finishing that, he started to CAD bumper mounts so the bumpers are easier to attach then last years bumpers.  Walter worked on the intake – top and bottom plates. In the next couple meetings we should have a completed intake!

The programming team started working on lights with neopixels and arduinos.  The suggestion was to use the FastLED library.  However, we had some issues with the lights.  After a bit of solder, and some “careful” checking with the multimeter, we … ran out of time.  Something for the mentors to work on!


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