FRC Build Day 14

It’s beginning to look a lot like build day.

Drive gearboxes are being assembled and they look pretty sweet. Elliot and Trey are working on that. The Delrin we used on the one side has helped make them significantly lighter than last year. We chose to use Delrin instead of ploycarb because we got it as part of the FIRST Choice parts lottery and it was much faster to cut on the CNC than aluminum. We also CNC’d the chassis pieces on Friday and Aaron started welding today. We will likely need a to plan an extra meeting next week to get the bot finished – but at least it looks like we will have something to bag in a week.

Peter and the programming team are testing some mods to autonomous and seem to be experiencing some trouble with random disconnects. Not sure if it is the router or the Rio With the four of them working through it, no doubt they will figure it out.

Nick is problem solving the arm design. He’s been doing research on how to attach the intake to the arm. Chaski is still designing the arm gearbox, but there has been talk about a potential alternate design. Walter is making some minor adjustments to the intake.

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