FRC Build Day 9

CAD and Programmers are in the groove. 

Following the beginning meeting, Chaski immediately finished placing all electrical components on the belly pan CAD design, hoping to get them arranged in a way to minimizes the space consumed so we can fit all our other components on such as the arm and wiring. The hardest part of that task was trying to find all things necessary due to the various needs of each specialized mechanism (Drivetrain and Arm/Intake). Trey started the meeting by finishing the CAD design for the bumper mounts he started last meeting, making sure to look at the bumper rules.  After working on the triangulation design for two hours and struggling with the geometry of the subassembly, the CAD team decided to slightly change the design to make manufacturing easier because of the lack of having to manually cut specific angles. Nick moved out the attachment points so that the angles aren’t compound and are more linear. This is also beneficial because it allows for more room for the arm gearboxes.

John, Jake and Peter were able to work on the LED lights using the FastLED arduino Library.  The hickup we had was due to a burnt out 1st LED.  It was able to pass power on to the rest of the light strip but was jamming the signal.  After cutting off the busted LED and resoldering the wires the day before, mentors were able to get the strip working.

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